Continuing Education for Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVAC Technicians

At JATC, we thoroughly believe that one can only achieve continued success through continuing his or her education. We proudly offer continuing education opportunities for plumbers, pipefitters and HVAC technicians who have already established themselves in the field. The journeymen who instruct these courses are the best in their specific fields. They are passionate and speak to students at all skill levels. They have a knack for their craft and possess the ability to pass along their knowledge to you – to help you expand your own skills set.

Additional Courses & Certifications Available


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What Classes Would You Like to Take?

Do you have a class or certification you’d like to take or obtain, but is not listed above? Get in touch with us today and share your idea. Perhaps you want to expand your horizons in the field of underwater welding or hone your skills in the pneumatic controls or backflow department – if you express interest and can find 7 others to take part in the course, we ensure that we will make it happen for you.

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