UA 189 JATC Building Trades Training Program

The Local UA 189 Building Trades Apprenticeship program is an effective combination of both on-the-job training and formal, yet engaging classroom instruction. This program offers individuals seeking a career in the skilled trades an advantageous way of entering a long term, hands-on career.


Welding Training

Welding is, perhaps, the most diverse trade we offer at JATC. The skills you will learn here can be applied to an entire spectrum of industries. The application of welding technology is so expansive that it’s honestly hard to look around and not find a facet of your life that hasn’t been touched by a welder at some point. From conventional power plants, to alternative energies (solar, wind, nuclear), to the highways we drive on, the bridges we pass by and the walkways we travel along, you will be able to tell friends and family that you made a direct impact on the environment that surrounds you.

Pipe-Fitting Training

Our pipefitting training program provides apprentices with all-ecompassing steamfitting, boilermaking and pipefitting instruction. Learn all there is to know about the trade: basic mathematics & calculations, safety regulations, blueprint reading, piping codes and other pipe-fitting specifications. Work with all types of pipes and pipe systems while earning a living throughout your time in the program. After completion of your training, you’ll have all the trade skills, experience and techniques you could need to begin your career.

Plumbing Installation Training

JATC’s plumbing installation courses offer you the chance to pursue an in-demand, hands-on career in a practical skilled trade field. Plumbing isn’t just “burst pipes and clogged drains.” Experience the amazing responsibility that comes with designing and building homes, kitchens, hospitals and other structures. Everything you learn throughout your five years will prepare you for whatever exciting challenges come your way as a professional plumbing expert.

For more information regarding our Building Trades program, get in touch with UA 189 JATC today!