About the Joint Apprenticeship Training Program

We, at JATC, are confident that our program is a great fit for you and your future skilled traded career. Meet the faces behind our leadership team, the names behind our esteemed training staff and the great history JATC shares with Columbus, Ohio!

JATC for Plumbers, Pipefitters and HVAC/R Technicians have a long standing history.

The Rich JATC History Timeline

Below is a timeline of the great history of the skilled traded career for plumbers, pipefitters, welders, and services technicians that JATC shares with Columbus, Ohio.

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#189 establishes its initial apprenticeship program.


The program goes on hiatus due to the Great Depression.


Local #189 opens its apprenticeship program, but had to, once again, go on hiatus, this time due to war.


The Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) registers with the State of Ohio’s Department of Industrial relations and establishes a formal apprenticeship program.


The school is located in a small vocational school building owned by the Columbus Public Schools, based near downtown Columbus. A few years later, the school moved to Central High School.


The five-year apprenticeship program begins under the organization of William Beckel, a local 189 plumber and former naval officer. He remained at the helm until 1966 when Jack Wenger took over. Dick Patterson was next in line, in 1968, until Ron Graves took over in 1994 until 2016. Rich Manley is the current training coordinator.


The school moves to 840 Alton Avenue.


JATC moves to its current location at 1226 Kinnear Road.


JATC leases an additional 2,776 square feet to expand a new weld shop. The former weld shop is turned into a classroom.


A 2,400 square foot project room is added to the rear of the building.


An additional 1,300 square foot is leased to create a medical gas classroom and 296 square feet is added to the weld shop classroom.


An additional 2,000 square foot are is leaded for more classroom and office space.

The Deep Heritage of UA 189 & The JATC Program

Taken from Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 189: 100 Years of Solidarity

“The goal of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Program of #189 has always been to continue the time-honored tradition of apprenticeship and to build upon this tradition to provide high-quality training for future apprentices. In 1922, a five-year apprenticeship program was established by the United Association. This was the same year that local #189 established its apprenticeship program. Within five short years, apprenticeship training became a part of a state wide program that was authorized by the State Board of Vocational Education and the State Joint Apprenticeship Commission.”

Training Instructors

Dave Arehart

BTA Instructor

Dave Berry

Welding Instructor

Aaron Boyd

BTA Instructor

Dan Curtis

MESA and Backflow Instructor

Eric Daniels

MESA Lab Assistant

Billy Dehart

Welding Instructor and Certified Welding Inspector

Mike Dyer

Welding Instructor and Certified Welding Inspector

Allan Fala

MES Coordinator and MESA Instructor

Chad Gaskell

MESA Instructor

Bret Gesel

Certified Welding Inspector

Dave Graves

BTA and OSHA Instructor

Jimi Green

BTA, Light Commercial, and OSHA Instructor

Clint Hanley

Crane Signalperson and ICRA Certification Instructor

Butch Harvey

MESA Instructor

Heather Hawkins

Auto CAD and Total Station Instructor

Mark Huggins

CPR Instructor

Mike Klingler

MESA 5 Lab Assistant

Jim Krupp

BTA Instructor

Ted Lancia

BTA Plumbing Instructor

Dave Maxwell

MESA and Backflow Instructor

Anthony Muetzel

Welding Instructor

John Noll

Drawing and Foreman Certification Instructor

Dave Noltemeyer

BTA 2nd Year Heating Instructor

Mary Nutter

Journeyman Plumbing Instructor

Phil Porcase

MESA Lab Assistant

Don Ragland

MESA Instructor

J.J. Richards

Medical Gas Certification and ICRA Instructor

Jack Soma

OSHA Instructor

Lou Volpe

BTA Plumbing Instructor

Training Coordinators

Mark Hunter

Training Coordinator


Allan Fala

Training Coordinator


Office Staff

Jacki Vradenburg



Alexis Berry

Office Professional Assistant